Friday, July 30, 2021
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Parlay Thoughts

Reaux Fareal explains, ‘Kwanzaa is an essential part of Black Culture’

While most of the world pauses to celebrate Christmas, many people ignore the importance of Kwanzaa. Even African-Americans. “Most people have been manipulated to think Kwanzaa is a replacement for […]

Pop Artist, Reaux Fareal, shares how he copes with Vitiligo Skin Disease

Before 2008, Reaux Fareal only knew Vitiligo as “that thing that Michael Jackson had”. It was very uncommon. In fact, he only knew one person with Vitiligo, a childhood friend […]

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Reaux Fareal – Lamborghini

Tulsa ‘Behind The Scenes’ documentary released…

Reaux Fareal – In My Blood (Cover)