HBCU Culture to be featured in major video


In preparation for Black History Month, Treggae recording artist, Reaux Fareal, is already working on the video for his single, “9ine”. The video will feature HBCU Culture, current and past. Greeks from several HBCU’s have already confirmed to participate in the upcoming production.

“I want it to be lit. Very energetic,” said Reaux Fareal in a recent press conference about the video. Filming is already underway at Grambling St. University as well as Reaux’s Alma Mater, Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. More than 9 HBCU groups across the country have confirmed to participate in the video.

While 9ine is a tribute to the heritage and pride within the Black Greek Community, the song also describes HBCU Culture as an experience that the Black Community can not afford to lose. “We have to re-energize this generation of how amazing it is to attend an HBCU. The Culture. The legacies. The History. We have to inspire them to see these institutions as their primary choice rather than their second option,” explained Reaux.

Greek Protocol For Participating

The video will highlight Greeks stepping and throwing up their signs. Greeks are allowed to wear their colors and throw up their signs. However, the letters are prohibited by unified policy across all chapters. The policy that has been in place for decades to protect the sacredness of the organizations. The organizations have been informed of the song and the video but stand by their historic rule of protecting the organizations. Members are encouraged to participate and have fun within protocol.

“When talking to Council Leaders, who are all very excited about this project, we understand completely why this policy is in place. People will misrepresent what their standards are. They will say one thing and it turns out to be something totally different. We get it and we will respect their policy,” said Patrick Davis, Manager for Reaux Fareal. “We’re grateful that the greeks will still be able to partipate and help us bring the vision to life.”


Listen to “9ine”


How To Participate

Although Greeks have already confirmed to be part of the production, if your chapter would like to participate the deadline to confirm is: Dec 29, 2020. Send an email to Patrick Davis at info@reaux4real.com. The opportunity is available for student chapters as well as Alumni Chapters.

Type of Footage

The video will include Greeks stepping on various campuses and in non-collegiate locations such as parks and public meet ups. Greeks will wear their colors, step, dance, and have a great time on camera. The video will also highlight campus life, dorm life, successful people who have gradutated from HBCUs, people wearing their HBCU paraphernailia, celebrity HBCU garduates, parties, graduation moments, and a lot of dancing. If you and your friends would like to be featured representing your HBCU please have them contact Patrick Davis: info@reaux4real.com.