Why you should follow Reaux on Spotify…

Music Industry

There are so many streaming platforms available now. It’s hard to pinpoint which one is actually the best. Maybe it’s because they all pretty much do the same thing… play music. However, there is something you need to know about Spotify.

As much as you may like whichever platform you are currently using, artists actually need you to follow them on Spotify more than the others. The Spotify music platform has become the industry’s signature music marketplace and every artists ranks it as their priority platform. The question is, why?

For starters, Spotify has 248M monthly active users with 114M of them being Premium Paid subscribers. They have 100M more users than the #2 platform (Apple Music). As popular as some of the others may be, they are far behind Spotify. For example, Tidal only has roughly 3M subscribers.

Spotify is also the most visible music streaming platform. It is also included in the Alexa devices. It’s already included most smart TVs. Cars are now being built Spotify already installed in them. The more visibility the more people trust the brand because it’s already in place when they need it.

Artists need your support on Spotify because the more listeners and followers they attract helps to place them in popular playlists which get played around the world. Also, when artists are trying to land major tour gigs and popular concert venues, Spotify is the place of reference most people trust. When artists are in position to sign major deals, the Spotify numbers are more valuable than followers on social media because it shows the true number of people who follow the artists and the artists’ brand rather than just their daily stunts. Record execs are interested in one thing… does the artists’ music pull a following.

So, if you have a Spotify account make sure you’re following Reaux Fareal. If you don’t have a Spotify account, create a free account and follow Reaux Fareal. The artists gets a percentage every time a listener plays a song for more than 30 seconds.