HBCU 5 Submissions

Every Friday, Reaux Fareal challenges his social media followers to donate $5 to support the financial aid of a selected HBCU Student. It’s nicknamed “I Got 5 On It Friday”. To be qualified for Financial Aid:

  1. Student must be submitted by a School Administrator, Non-Profit/Community Group Leader, Greek Chapter President, or Alumni Representative. The submitter can not be a relative of the student.
  2. The submitter will need to show proof of the student’s need. It could be a screenshot of the tuition balance from the university website, book fee balance, outstanding bill in the student’s name… etc.
  3. The submitter must provide his/her direct contact information. Our staff will verify the submnitted details.
  4. Student must attend an HBCU either physically or virtually.
  5. The student or submitter’s name/info is never used publicly without his/her permission.
  6. There is no set amount each Friday. It varies depending on donation participation.
  7. Donations go directly to the student’s Cash App which is required in the submission form below.
Please provide the institution in which the student is enrolled. This financial aid is only for HBCU Students.
Please give the legal name of the person who is vouching for this student. It can not be a parent/relative. It must be a School Official, Leader of a School Affiliate Organization/Alumni, or Church/Community Leader in which the student is actively associated with.
Please include area code.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a screenshot of the outstanding balance or bill the student needs help with.
Payment will go directly to the student (if selected) by 11pm on the scheduled Friday.
Please give a brief summary of the student's situation and why you feel this student deserves financial assistance.