Parlay is the signature brand of Reaux Fareal. Started by he and his sons in 2019, they have worked to create a solid support base that has grown extensively. Parlay began as a simple T-Shirt line promoting the message behind the brand: Take the little thing you have and turn it into something greater. Let one door open another door. Let one blessing create more blessings. Let one idea be the catalyst for bigger ideas. Let one dollar create more dollars.

Parlay eventually grew into a full clothing line in 2020. The clothing line birthed Parlay Entertainment, in which Reaux Fareal has produced music, films, and documentaries. Reaux’s Publishing Company, Unboxed Possibilities, has now become The Parlay Publishing Co. Parlay Publishing has already produced one of Reaux’s books, The People Next Door, with a new book expected to be released in 2021.

You can visit the Parlay Store on this site. A portion of all contributions through the store go to support Parlay’s HBCU Scholarship Fund, a foundation designed to help pay tuition for struggling HBCU Students.