Reaux ‘shakes the house’ at Los Angeles showcase


“Los Angeles is like another home for me. When I am there I almost feel like I am at home. There is so much love and the support is unreal,” said Reaux. Recently, the artist was featured at SWAM in the Compton area of Los Angeles. It was his first time at this specific event in 5 years.

The event is hosted by Community Activist and Spoken Word Icon, Lorenzo Frank. “Whenever Reaux is here, he knows this is home for him and he always connect well with our audience,” said Frank. Reaux did a Spoken Word set and also performed his single, “Travel”, and it went well with the crowd. Some gave him a standing ovation and others threw money at him. “The love I get from this particular crowd is special,” he expressed.

SWAM is one of the longest running showcases in the LA area. Although it has shifted through at least three venues over a decade the crowd seems to follow wherever it progresses. “We have a connection with this community and its a connection that we have protected for years,” said Frank. “People know when they come to SWAM they are with family.”

SWAM actually stands for Spoken Word And Music. It’s a premiere weekly showcase in Los Angeles highlighted the best local artists while featuring a special guest every week. You can see the video of Reaux performing at SWAM on his Instagram page.